Faith in Action Caregivers 
of Ashtabula County
Phone 440-964-5506



• Medical Appointments
Outside Ashtabula County included
• Shopping

• Other County Agencies

• Errands

• Social Events


• Wheelchair Ramps

• Railings

• Steps

• Home Modifications
   to enhance mobility

                        What is Faith in Action?
    Faith in Action Caregivers is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization providing services to older adults, disabled, and health-impaired individuals throughout Ashtabula County.  
    Our mission is to provide services to these individuals as a means to enable continued independence throughout the later stages of life, or as a means of support for their families during times of needed assistance. 
    Our vision is to develop a solid network of volunteers whose compassion for others will make our mission sustainable. We welcome everyone who may need a service or would like to become a volunteer!
Federally registered 501(c)3.  Partially funded by the Ashtabula County Senior Levy, and generous contributions by organizations and individuals like you.