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Transportation - Other
Transportation services are through-the-door, which means a volunteer will pick you up at your home and assist you if needed all the way to your appointment anywhere within the County.  If you wish, the assigned volunteer will wait for the duration of your appointment.  We attempt to maintain consistency with volunteer assignments so that you have an opportunity to develop a trusting relationship, and where the volunteer becomes familiar with your needs.  We ask for a 4 to 5 business days advance notice for in-County transportation whenever possible.
Volunteers at Faith in Action Caregivers are trained to provide our clients quality services personalized for their unique needs. Volunteers answer calls at the office during the week primarily between the hours of 10a and 3p, and messages are typically returned within 24 hours.  Please remember that we are an organization with volunteers who graciously give of their free time to help others.  Therefore, we always do our best to honor all service requests, or work with you to find other arrangements.

Currently, our services are provided for no fee. However, donations are graciously accepted as they are an important source of funding for the organization, and a key reason we are able to continue services at no cost to those clients who benefit from that feature of our program the most.

Our primary services include transportation and home modifications.  We are currently enhancing our offerings as volunteers become available.  So please do not hesitate to ask if a service is available to you.
Transportation services outside of the County are very similar to in-County services.  However, not all of our volunteers travel longer distances.  So, we ask for a 7 day advance notice for out-of-County transportation whenever possible to allow for additional scheduling time.
Transportation services for shopping, errands, appointments at other county agencies, or for social events can be requested with a 4-5 business day advance notice whenever possible.  Volunteers are available to help with these tasks, wait while you are conducting your business, or pick you up at a designated time.  Please note that when there are scheduling conflicts, medical appointments will take priority, and we may ask you to reschedule or work with you to find a time that works with our volunteer availability.
The RampXchange program was designed to provide home modifications that enhance mobility.  Our volunteers primarily build and install temporary, wooden wheelchair ramps.  The ramps are built off-site in sections, and then transported and installed at your home.  We ask that individuals or their families call the office when the ramp is no longer in use so that we can take it down and re-use it for someone else in need.  This recycling process allows us to keep costs down and help more individuals throughout the county.  Wait time for a ramp is typically 4-6 weeks, depending on volunteer availability and weather.

Sometimes during a home assessment, we find that a ramp is not needed.  Perhaps railings, wider steps, or some other modification is a better adjustment to meet the client's mobility needs.  The information provided during the interview and assessment process is key to determining what is in the best interest of the client.
Other Services
We are working hard to enhance our service offerings.  In the meantime, there are instances where some services can be honored if there is a volunteer available.  As we continue to grow, look for news about our latest services and opportunities.  

Please call the office to inquire about other services, or fill out a request form online.

2015 our volunteers logged: 
  • 879 rides
  • 2,027 hours
  • 60,487 miles

2016 our volunteers logged:
  • 1,078 rides
  • 2,744 hours
  • 76,361 miles

  • Over 50 ramps installed

Thank You for supporting our mission with your time and contributions.​