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Volunteering in any capacity is a rewarding endeavor, and it is certainly no different at Faith in Action Caregivers! 

While many of our volunteers come from different faith backgrounds, and volunteer as part of their personal ministry to others, not all of them do.  There are many of our volunteers who give countless hours of their time because of their unwavering compassion for others.  Without our volunteers, perhaps there would be hundreds of Ashtabula residents and families still struggling to find the services we provide.  In addition to addressing needs, our clients are making new friends - and sometimes the emotional bond is worth more to them.

So please consider becoming a volunteer today!

Opportunities include:

  • Transportation (local and/or long-distance)
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Office Assistance
  • Fundraising
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Board of Directors

Volunteers receive training, support, and are covered by liability insurance.

Thanks for your interest in joining Faith in Action Caregivers!

To inquire about opportunities:

Faith in Action Caregivers of Ashtabula County
P.O. Box 1626
Ashtabula, OH 44005